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Bilic on transfers: I knew who I want

Slaven Bilic is the last day of the transfer window in England team strengthened by four players, but in an interview with the official Internet portal of the club pointed out that in these actions was not the elements, but that it was settled a few days ago.

Barcelona player Alex Song again came on loan, Victor Moses has signed a new contract with Chelsea and immediately forwarded to 'hammer', while Nikica Jelavic and Michail Antonio signed contracts with West Ham thing. Jelavic for two years with the possibility of extension for two more years, and Antonio for four with an option for another two years of possible cooperation.

"I think we did a good job, just what we wanted, even though it seems to have worked spontaneously. In fact, all the agreements reached a few days ago and just needed to take care of all the documentation," Bilic said, commenting on the fact that West Ham the last day of the transitional period was the busiest.

"We knew when we want, but we have some players had to wait until the last minute. It was impossible to bring them before, because clubs with whom they have or have contracts. However, we have patiently waited and prepared to have other options," concluded Bilic the story of the crossing.

Bilic crashed Arsenal and Liverpool

West Ham's season came sensational victory over Arsenal at the Emirates, and in the last round was shocked Liverpool 3-0 at Anfield celebration. The way the West Ham came to this success and impressed the new member of the 'hammer' Nigerian Moses.

"It's not just about the way, but also tremendous effort that went into this victory. It is obvious that the teammates fighting each other," said Moses, who believes that it will be a very good fit in the style of play for West Ham.

"I like to play on the counter-attack, and there is also a game, we completely fit. We have good attackers, fast players on the hips and counter-attacks can be deadly, threat to any opponent," concluded Moses.

Slaven Bilic was down two giants of English football on the road, and now only has to find a way to keep the points at Boleyn Ground in a collision with clubs like Leicester and Bournemouth, of which West Ham lost as the host. After a pause representative West Ham will host Newcastle on September 14, and five days later a guest at Manchester City, leading a team of the Premier League with 12 points from makimalnih wheel and a goal difference of 10-0.

Transfer surprised Jelavic! 'I had no idea that I would be given this opportunity!'

Former national team is happy and as the cooperation with Slaven Bilic: 'We played with it for Croatia, and he is a great manager and a great man'

Nikica Jelavic has become a new player West Ham United, for which the 'hammer' Hull City paid an estimated £ 3 million.

Former Croatian international passed a medical examination and joined the new team led by the former coach of the 'Fiery' Slaven Bilic.

For the official website of the club happy Jelavic like to comment on the transfer: "I'm very uzduđen for signature for West Ham, all the more because it is a big club and because a few days ago I had no idea that I would be given this opportunity! '

Nikica then continued: "Of course I wish to play in the Premiership, so I did not doubt for a moment about coming here. '

Former national team is happy and as the cooperation with Slaven Bilic: 'We played with it for Croatia, and he is a great manager and a great man. I'm delighted to be working again with him and his team of experts. "

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Roberto Mancini: If we sell Dzeko, we are going for Jelavic!

Dzeko wants PSG coach Carlo Ancelotti, so it is not no devil, and the combination to Nikica Jelavic next fall to play in society, Agüero, Silva and Balotelli.

In the shadow of Mary transfer Mandzukic and Luka Modric, who is mentioned in the context of the world's biggest clubs, Real Madrid and Manchester United's run to another football story, a story of Nikica Jelavic. But this "story" is just shy of struggling English tabloid headlines.

Jelavic is judged by his Everton fans, one of the best purchases coach David Moyes, who is ten years at Goodison Park pushed to 120,000.000 pounds, while Kenny Dalglish has spent so much just for one season to Everton at the end of the seventh, and Dalglishev Liverpool only - the eighth! Jelavic was brought in from Glasgow Rangers for 5.5 million pounds, and 11 goals for four months, presented to Crush the English public as the best story.

When I last spoke with Jelavic at the European Championships, said he will probably remain in the Everton shirt. But the thing is boiled with a neighbor Anfield Road, Liverpool wants to kidnap Jelavic. The reactions were heated, one Everton fan through social networks big brother advised: "Next up on Jelavic. If you are at all capable of anything, buy Mandzukic or Di Natale ... "
However, this story does not end. Managers Jelavic addressed and Roberto Mancini: "If sell Dzeko, can we talk about Jelavic" he caught the coach wants PSG Carlo Ancelotti, so it is not no devil, and the combination to Nikica Jelavic next fall to play in society, Agüero, Balotelli and Silva. When it comes to the City, but fans are not as fierce as in the case when Liverpool announced ...

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Jelavic scores against Ireland video

We are delighted. We have the confidence and now we watch the match on Thursday and with the Italians. Let's take these three points and 'solve' immediate passage, said Jelavic.

Immediately after the game before the cameras came HTV Jelavic, another goal scorer of Ireland. - We did everything what our 'boss' said . We are delighted. We have the confidence and now we watch the match on Thursday and with the Italians. Let's take these three points and 'solve' the passage immediately before the last game. Coach Slaven Bilic had no objections. - We were getting ready only for Ireland, Italy for a bit, not at all for Spain. I congratulate the players, fans in the atmosphere. I am satisfied, we followed the plan and deserved victory. I think this was great and neutral viewers to see. They returned to our error. They should be given credit. They will each make problems, interruptions or poludistancu through, but we were simply better. Italy awaits us. - They have representation, it has no connection with that of Italy than before, and even play games too, are phenomenal. Prandelli they managed to psychologically prepare, we received additional injections because they were seized point from the Spanish - said Bilic.
Irish menu was not satisfied with the judges. - It is extremely difficult to analyze because after three minutes we made ​​a mistake, we gave them a psychological advantage. We have lost confidence. The second goal was from the hinterland, the meter or two it was offside. We did not have the strength to get back into the game. We believe, we'll talk with all the players - Giovanni Trapattoni said. - Goals as we receive today would not otherwise receive. Croatia has defeated us. Disappointing is what we get goals - said Sean St Ledger, Irish defender.

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Nikica Jelavic more than Robbie Keane???

The euro is unpredictable, but in  today's premiere everything is at the Croatian side, except the Irish spirit, and experienced Italian coach. Under Irish facade hides a limited team, which not too many Irish journalists do not believe, believe only in the chemistry of Giovanni Trapattoni and the memory of Jack Charlton, who in 1988. The celebrated Irish, winning at the start of England's European Championship. Irish dream rerun. As we live in times of coherence ', as the Irish football fans, which in Poznan will be about 20,000, remembered 1988th year. In front of  Croatian national team in qualifying, which  overtaken four countries from third world football - Armenia, Slovakia, Macedonia and Andorra.
This is a veteran team, which is dominated by players who are not even in the leading roles in top clubs. This team is twice cheaper than the Croatian, the Croatian assessment Transfermarkt worth 184 million, and the Irish are estimated at 95,500.000 euros.
The most expensive player they Aiden McGeady, who earns the bread of Spartak Moscow, and the market value of his nine million euros. Our Luka Modric is among the world's most expensive player, his price is 39,000.000 euros, a "spare" player Niko Kranjcar has just been sold to Dinamo Kiev for seven million a year will earn 2.5 million. Who in this experiment, it should be in fear?This is the story of five duels, which will decide the match. Or will materially affect the outcome. When we are engaged in the forecast, while natežući for the Irish, and that Croatia was stronger. Because Cole is a better player than Richard Dunnea, Luka Modric from Aiden McGeadyja and Dario Srna from Damien Duff. We allowed the goalkeeper Shay Given slightly better than Jens Lehmann (although this is questionable), but only out of courtesy we are in a duel Robbie Keane - Nikica Jelavic given point over the Irish striker, who earns the bread in Los Angeles. When only the sum of market value of five key players from both teams, and this comparison is all on the Croatian side - our five players worth 67,500.000, and the Irish opponents of only 25 million. But money may not be decisive ...Rule will be an inspiration Luka Modric. If you will be inspired by today's match, all the tactical ideas of Giovanni Trapattoni will fall into the water. Irish fantasist have such caliber, I doubt that he can compete at all McGeady. It's the same thing in the duel of two wing ofenzivaca Dario Srna and Damien Duff, 33-year-old former Chelsea footballer first Mourinho era, whose career has for several years, "goes downhill." Accuracy and Srninog centaršuta free kick against which the quality or Trapattoni has come up with an antidote. Although he was 73 years.Slaven Bilic with great respect about Trapattonijevoj tactics. His style is known throughout the world, will always play with four players in the last line, connecting two defensive, two wing ofenzivca and two attackers. There is too much wisdom, there is not much reason to fear, especially when you compare the key players. Bilic can not go wrong only in the composing team, which decimated some sense into the match. The whole story will most miss Alex Burke, Croatia was left with no quality defensive players. But it should not be crucial in this game.

Irish: Jelavic will be a great danger

Richard Dunne, the Irish national team defender, has underlined Luka Modric, as well as Jelavic as impact strength of Croatian national team ahead of the clash against Ireland in Poznan.

- Modric is a brilliant player. Croatia is generally very technically versed team, but Modric is that at which the drive function. When we played against a Croatian last summer in Dublin (0-0, author's note), Modric moved the Croatian game and created a serious situations. I know it because I played against him in the Premiership and I follow him a long time at Tottenham.
He is one of the best players in the European Championships. We will have a good look at him - said the Aston Villa defender for the Telegraph. - Modric is one of the players who have high risk, but there is Nikica Jelavic who played brilliantly since he arrived in the Premiership. We know that they arrived at the Euro in top form, but that's the point of playing at the European Championships. You play against the best teams and best players. If you want to advance in the tournament, they have a good stand. Let Modric and Jelavic to swing and you're immediately in trouble. So we must be up to the task from the first minute of the first game - said Dunne.

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Nikica Jelavic announced: On the Euro I will be one of the main pillars! It is time I do something for Croatia

Neither he nor manager can not run away from expectations to shake the nets at the European Championships. The pace and the way it is Jelavic scored 11 goals in England this spring it was transformed into a representative starter, before Olic and Eduardo. Enjoying the best days, but it is also a liability. Croatia now since it requires peak of his career in Poland and, if successful, Ukraine. Full of confidence, the environment gives the impression of a man who is convinced he can do whatever you want. To him, no flat. The preparations in Rovinj and Bad Tatzmannsdorf acted concretely than ever before under the leadership of Bilićevim. - We train very, well, I'm sure we'll all be ready for the Euro. The atmosphere was good as always, there is some friction - told reporters Jelavic.

All we really want to know whether the team can continue to achieve such goals to Everton? - I hope to be as efficient as in the club. In essence Jelavic "grinds" for three seasons, Rapid, Rangers and now in the Premier League. Additional 2009/10. of Vienna gave the team 29 goals last year for the Rangers 25, and recently completed stage in the uniform of the Scottish club Everton, and along 28th - It now only needs to switch to the team. Here cherish a different style of play, but I do not need that fact to be an alibi. I hope that my effect change through the Euro and will be one of the main pillars of Croatian. Eduardo is right at the gathering said that the four assailants Jelavic only one who has to play. How do you experience a situation when competing for a place in the team so unequivocal statement? - The media is pushing tandem Defoe - Jelavic, but there are Dudu and Ola, members of the big clubs, and we know what they gave to our team and what the two of them still can provide. These are fantastic players, we should be happy to have them. This story will certainly be in the starting lineup and Defoe Jelavic not drink water. I am glad that the public counts on me, but to match with Ireland we have another eight days, the boss is the one who will decide. I would be happiest in the world to play, but I do not think that already knows the first team.